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Do you know how Jailbreaking iPhone 4 works? Apple is experiencing and will continue to experience deep trouble when it comes to hackers who are out to make jailbreaking iPhone 4 an easy task. Everyone knows that jailbreaking is now legal so if you have been wishing for the longest time to do it, then now is your chance to have it done.

The Great News

iPhone users don’t need to be limited to the Apple Store. For a very long time, Apple has been the sole source of apps, meaning, they are the only ones who can dictate what can be used on your device.

Now that the restrictions are finally off, you will be able to see a huge number of jailbroken stores that are being opened for developers to present their apps. In there, the apps can finally be downloaded and used by a lot of people.

Perhaps, in the next few years, iPhone users will be able to see a store that is as dominant as the Apple Store. With demands for better apps being asked each day, it is possible that stores will sprout to provide for these needs.

Another good news about this is, AT&T would no longer be monopolizing the iPhone gadget. In the past, users were restricted to this sole carrier and if you ever wanted to utilize a different provider, then you’d have to purchase a different gadget.

A Few Things to Note Prior to Jailbreaking

•    Jailbreaking your iPhone might void its warranty.

•    Make sure to backup your iPhone before you continue with the jailbreaking process.

•    Keep in mind that you should be using the latest version of iTunes (10.2 or a later version).

Jailbreaking Instructions for iPhone 4

•    First, download a jailbreaking software and save the app in a desktop folder.

•    For MAC and Windows users, you can use Redsn0w which is the example that will be used for this particular example.

•    Using Google Chrome or Firefox, download iOS 4.3.3 firmware file.

•    Extract the redsn0w app and then make sure to connect your iPhone to the PC. This should launch iTunes at once.

•    Select your device from the left pane of the Devices section of iTunes. Press the Shift button (for MAC users, press the Option button) and then just click on Restore.

•    Select the iOS 4.3.3 firmware file>Click on Choose>You will then be asked to set up your iPhone from a previous backup or the set up of a brand new iPhone. Just select what is applicable to your device and then wait for iTunes to finish.

•    Launch the redsn0w app. Take note that Windows 7 and XP users must run redsn0w as an Administrator.

•    Choose the right ipsw file>Click on your Browse button>Select the Ios 4.3.3 firmware file. This should be verified by Redsn0w before clicking on the Next button.

•    The jailbreaking data would then be prepared and soon you will be prompted to choose the jailbreaking options that you like. Click on Cydia and then continue.

•    Just turn off your device and then plug it into your computer>Follow the instructions>Put your iPhone in DFU mode then follow the Redsn0w steps. You will be notified when the jailbreaking process is complete. Click on Finish and start enjoying thousands of apps right after you reboot your device.

If manually jailbreaking your iPhone 4 isn’t your cup of tea, then using the easiest jailbreaking tool would be essential:

No matter what model your iPhone is, you will be able to jailbreak it and enjoy freedom. Just instantly download, read the step by step guide that comes in colorful illustrations, and you will soon have a jailbroken phone in just a few minutes! Increasing your iPhone’s value has never been this simple.

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